Dukhan New Roads & Upgrading of Existing Roads

Project Description

The Dukhan field covers an area of 767 km² approximately stretching north to south and east to west about 80 and 17 km respectively. It comprises oil and gas facilities and supporting infrastructures & services which are connected with a dual carriage way spine for ease of traffic movement.

Upgrade of the existing roads was essential to facilitate accessibility and timely emergency response through incorporating installations to complete Dukhan road network.

The project phases were developed along the spine road connecting QP staff accommodation to near Dukhan Operations Management Building. The total number of housing units is approximately 1,680 to accommodate about 800 families and 880 bachelors. Likewise, the new Dukhan Operations Management Building has been completed and is operational. It accommodates about 600 personnel. Due to these facilities, there will be substantial increase in the traffic on these roads. Hence, there is a critical need to upgrade the existing roads to cope with increased traffic.

The project aims to facilitate access to QP installations lying north west of the Dukhan Town (Khattiyah north area) for fire fighting vehicles as well as day-to-day maintenance operations. The road started at the QP Accomodation building roundabout to the Khattiyah north roundabout with an average length of 6.50Km, passing over many gas and pipelines crossings which were considered in the design process.


  • Irrigation
  • Landscaping
  • Roads
  • Storm Drainage
  • Street Lighting


  • Detailed design
  • Preliminary development
  • Sketch design
  • Soil investigation
  • Survey works
  • Traffic impact study


Qatar Petroleum






project sheet

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