Sheikh Zayed City Extension

Project Description

The project covers the strategic plan and development strategy of Sheikh Zayed City Extension, including an area of 1,850 acres for a preparatory phase covering top-priority segments of the extension.

ECG scope of work comprises preparing detailed design for the following:

  • Combined Potable Water & Firefighting Network fed by Sheikh Zayed water treatment plant. The estimated potable water required is 150,000 m3/day.
  • Sewage and Storm Collection Network.
  • Irrigation Network fed by the TSE of the proposed tertiary sewage treatment plant and filtered backwash water.
  • Irrigation Network serving different areas of the public and private landscape through booster pumps and intermediate tanks.

The main electrical power network with total loads of approximately 681 MVA. These loads are fed by the main HV substation through 53 electrical distributers.

  • Street lighting network covering the main and lateral roads, and fed by street lighting pillars and network.
  • Three telecommunication central offices and COCs located in the central axis road.
  • The infrastructure network is designed to connect outdoor network services with all project components, and provide the city’s outdoor areas with smart services. The design of telecommunication and smart networks is based on the technology of Air Blown Fiber System (ABF).


  • Communications and security systems
  • Economic
  • Electrical
  • Environmental
  • Infrastructure
  • Landscaping
  • Roads
  • Solid waste
  • Urban planning


  • Detailed design for top-priority projects as defined by NUCA
  • Preparatory Phase
  • Strategic plan and outline of land uses


New Urban Communities Authorities NUCA, Egypt






project sheet

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