River Nile Protection and Development Project

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Providing technical assistance and equipment for the preparation of prefeasibility studies, conceptual designs and tender documents for priority projects.
  • Strengthening the institutions responsible for monitoring, understanding and predicting causes and effects of erosion and pollution.
  • Implementing pilot projects in priority areas to test the feasibility of the river channel protection and the treatment of drained water for re-use in irrigation purposes.
  • Scope also covered studies related to pollution control, hydro-generation from existing and proposed barrages, increase of river navigation, development of intermediate water storage, utilization of flash float flows and reduction of water spills to the sea.

Funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the River Nile Protection and Development (RNPD) project aimed at achieving rational utilization of available resources, mitigation of side effects and
increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of present use and future development of the River Nile Channel and its two branches, namely, Damietta and Rosetta.

The River Nile Protection and Development (RNPD) Project comprised various tasks and subtasks including:

  • Preparing pre-feasibility studies, designs and tender documents for the optimum alternative concerning the following:
  1. Protection of the Nile and its main structures from bed degradation and bank erosion.
  2. Preparing an acceptable and implementable pollution control system.
  3. Hydropower generation in existing and/or proposed barrages and head regulators.
  4. River training and navigation improvements.
  5. Utilization of surplus releases and flows that exceed consumption requirements.
  • Development and implementation of computer programs for monitoring changes in river beds and banks, predicting the impact of new projects, and for pollution control.
  • Studying and designing civil works required for stabilizing the river regime, navigable channel and river banks in critical areas upstream of Assiut Barrage. Also, designing the civil, mechanical and electrical works required for reducing the organic pollution in drained water to allow its re-use in irrigation.
  • Implementing two pilot projects, one to stabilize the river banks and the other to treat drained water for reuse in irrigation purposes.
  • Pre-feasibility study for the development of Naga Hammadi Barrage. The study aimed at investigating present conditions of the Barrage, and immediate maintenance needs to guarantee conditions service, in addition to providing conceptual design and cost estimates for rehabilitation works.

The possibility of constructing a new barrage was also studied.


  • Civil Works


  • Conceptual design
  • Pre-feasibility Studies
  • Tender documents


Ministry of Water Resources & Irrigation






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