Kafr ElSheikh Sewerage Project

Project Description

Scope of Work

  • Review and update of feasibility studies.
  • Collection and review of available information.
  • Investigate health/ environmental sanitation, social, economical, financial and organizational aspects and legal provisions.
  • Update available survey information and mapping.
  • Carry out necessary domestic and industrial waste fi eld and laboratory water quality investigations including site investigations of the proposed facilities.
  • Compare wastewater flows with those provided in the water supply project data.
  • Provide basic design data for target years 2000 ,1990 and 2010.
  • Develop design criteria, preliminary designs and cost estimates for sewerage disposal, on-site disposal systems as well as solid waste disposal facilities.
  • Investigate the possibility of reuse of treated sewage, sludge and refuse.
  • Prepare a feasibility study and engineering standard designs for conventional wastewater treatment, reuse of treated wastewater and waste sludge, drainage systems and solid waste collection and disposal systems.
  • Investigate and recommend new organizational and management structures and arrangements.

Engineering and management services related to the preparation of the year 2010 sewerage facilities Master Plan and a feasibility study for sewerage and sanitation from 1990 through the target year 2000 in the
Governorate of Kafr ElSheikh.

The study comprised collection and evaluation of engineering data, economical analysis, elaboration of design criteria, selection of alternative technical solutions and investigation of preliminary designs and cost estimates. This lead to the implementation of the recommended sewerage treatment facilities, storm water drainage and solid waste collection and disposal systems. The study also comprised the necessary organization and management arrangements and training requirements. This included the identification and justification of the recommended first stage implementation program (year 2000).


  • Civil Works


  • Cost estimation
  • Feasibility study
  • Preliminary design


National Organization for Potable Water and Sanitary Drainage (NOPWASD)






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