The Islamic Cultural Center at the New Capital

Project Description

The project is located on the Presidential Palace axis and consists of the following components:

Masjid Masr Mosque:

With an area of about 14,000 m2; the mosque accommodates about 12,000 worshipers, and includes 6 halls (350 m2 each), and service areas (warehouses, power rooms, control rooms, and two rooms for Muazzin and Imam).

Eastern Hall:

The Eastern Hall area is about 2,650 m2, divided into three main halls: first, second, and third halls accommodating 200, 200, and 400 persons respectively. The hall also includes restrooms, storage areas, power and control rooms, AC rooms, and 3 buffets; in addition to two floors accommodating four administrative offices and restrooms.

Western Hall:

The Western Hall area is about 2,400 m2; divided into a main VIP hall (approximately 800m2), two presidential lounges (approximately 130m2 each), and presidential reception area (20m2). The hall also includes restrooms, storage areas, power and control rooms, AC rooms, and 3 buffets; in addition to two floors accommodating four administrative offices and restrooms.

Two Minarets:

The minarets are about 140 meter above the upper hallway; with an area of 360 m2 each. The ground floor includes restrooms, gift shop, ticketing room, and an administrative office.

The Commercial and Cultural Center:

The area of ​​the building is about 138,110 m2, where the spaces are divided into stores, administrative offices, meeting rooms, a dining hall for soldiers with a kitchen, dormitories, a room for the Imam, and a room for the Servers of the mosque. The 6-storey building is provided with necessary services such as restrooms, MEP rooms, and terraces. It was also provided with a roof garden and green areas.

Multistory Garage:

The garage building accommodates 1,722 cars, and consists of eight floors (G + 7 typical floors), with a total built-up area of 11,000 m2.

The National Plaza:

The National Plaza is located on the Presidential Palace axis, with dimensions of 325m X 1,190m. It extends from the theater arena including the shaded seating areas, passing by the flag arena through the Rams Lane, then to the main piazza, ending at the ad-hoc Presidential Platform located in front of the Memorial Plaza and ceremonies passage.

The Gates:

The plaza comprises 8 gates of two models. The total area of the gate building is 1,560 m2. Each gate contains a tower (basement, ground floor, and 5 typical floors) with a façade of glass and stone claddings; and two buildings (ground floor and mezzanine) including a number of cafes separated by fixed modules, and restrooms serving the visitors.

Flag Arena:

With an area of 160m X 160m, the flag arena contains 6 circular terraces; with the flag base and flagpole (170 meters high) in the center, in addition to a water basin surrounding the base.

Rams Lane:

It is a passageway between “Sahat Al-Kholoud” (Immortality Plaza) and “The Holy Lake”, characterized by the symmetric and clear relation between the geometric shapes. Next to the lane, there is an aquarium, in addition to columns engraved with the names of martyrs and influential figures in the Egyptian history.

Open Air Theater:

With dimensions of 155m X 255m, the theater consists of 6 auditoriums, and divided into 8 parts.

The Presidential Platform:

The Platform comprises a ground floor and two upper floors with an area of 5,633m2; including a presidential lounge, a rest for officers and soldiers, and services. It is located in front of the Memorial Plaza.

The Memorial Plaza:

The area of Memorial Plaza is approximately 8,560m2. It is divided into two identical parts, with the memorial in the center. Each part consists of 2 three-floor buildings, including a presidential lounge, open administrative spaces, open presidential yard, and services. The two buildings are linked by a passage of stone columns, and covered by perforated sheets of glass fiber reinforced concrete; while the facades are cladded with marble and locally supplied stones, and decorated with ancient Egyptian inscriptions.

Service Buildings

The National Plaza encompasses 14 service buildings, in addition to a power plant located inside one of the gates to serve the platform.


  • Architectural
  • Electrical
  • Interior Design
  • Landscaping
  • Structural
  • Urban planning


  • Master plan
  • Conceptual design
  • Schematic design
  • Detailed design
  • Tender documents
  • Construction supervision


Armed Forces Engineering Authority




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