Karonga Town Water Supply Project

Project Description

Karonga Town is located in the Karonga District, which is situated in the Northern Region of Malawi. The town occupies an area of about 44 km2, with a current population of about 97,500 people; by the year 2035, the projected population is estimated to be about 184,000.
The existing water supply system is unable to provide reliable water supply and meet demand as it can only provide 12,400 m3/day, while the current demand is about 16,700 m3/day (in the year 2017); The water supply system in “Karonga” currently provides water to 45,776 people with a water supply of about 10,700 cubic meters per day. The projected demand for the year 2035 shall be around 30,500 m3/day. The main objective of the project is to rehabilitate and upgrade the existing Karonga Town water supply systems and extend the distribution pipe network to the surrounding areas.
The intended consultancy services aims for the rehabilitation if the current water supply system and construction of raw water pipeline, treatment plant, water transmission pipelines, storage tanks, pump stations, distribution pipelines, and construction of auxiliary buildings.


  • Civil Works


  • Construction management
  • Construction supervision
  • Detailed design
  • Feasibility study
  • Preliminary design


Northern Region Water Board (NRWB)




project sheet

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