Fayoum Drinking Water and Sanitation Project Phase IV

Project Description

The project’s objective was to assist Fayoum Drinking Water & Sanitation Company (FDWSC) in:

  • Improving its service delivery for water supply and sewerage to the entire population of Fayoum governorate
  • Achieving the governorate recovery of operation and maintenance costs through a mix of technical assistance and investments
  • Transferring the experiences and managerial tools gained in this project to fellow companies which face similar problems.

By the end of the project, 425,000 house connections (an increase of %40) were provided with continuously drinking water and 207,500 households (an increase of %200) were connected to a sewer. Project’s main areas
of intervention are sanitation, drinking water, project management and consumer service.

  • Start up of new systems: planning and monitoring, social marketing, sewer connections, start up of the systems, sewer revolving fund and evaluation.
  • Applying Proven O&M Concepts in Water & Sanitation: through using open planning mechanism for sanitation; rehabilitation of the existing systems, resolution of physical bottlenecks and feasibility of the UASB technology for domestic wastewater under Egyptian conditions.
  • Drinking Water: reduction of Unaccounted For Water (UFW).
  • Project Management: comprehensive asset managementfor existing applications, reconciliation of the Fayoum Economic Management Model Plan with the Holding Company requirements, applying capital investment planning and formulating clear policy for outsourcing.
  • Customer Service: social marketing, public awareness, customer relations, public mobilization, measures to ensure affordable and equitable services and presentation of case studies.
  • Training: training of the FDWSC staff.


  • Civil Works


  • Project management


Dutch Embassy / Royal Haskoning




project sheet

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