Al-Nouran Sugar Factory

Project Description

Over a land area of approximately 1,774,500 m2, the project is located north of the Industrial Zone of Al- Salihiyah City, Egypt. The project stands as the first sugar production facility in Al-Sharqia Governorate with a construction cost of EGP 3.1 billion.

The factory’s main activities will include the production of sugar from sugar beet, as well as the refinement of raw sugar into white sugar. Refinement byproducts (molasses and fodder) will be sold at international markets.

The land area is divided into two plots: Plot A and Plot B. Plot A is the site designated for the new sugar facility (and future expansions). Plot B is a separate plot for waste disposal in line with the environmental guidelines in force. Al-Nouran Sugar Factory is expected to have a beet processing capacity of 241,000 tons per year. Its white sugar refinement capacity is estimated at 1,768 tons per year. The annual production rates of molasses and fodder are estimated at 105,000 tons and 106,000 tons, respectively.


  • Architectural
  • Communications and security systems
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Mechanical
  • Piping
  • Process Engineering
  • Structural


  • Construction management
  • Project management


Al-Sharqia Sugar Manufacturing Company (ASSM)






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