10-Year Master Plan & Maintenance Management Plan for Roads, Dukhan Fields

Project Description

Qatar Petroleum (QP) entrusted ECG Engineering Consultants Group with developing the 10-year master plan and maintenance management plan for roads in Dukhan fields. The project site is located at approximately 80 km west of Doha with 65 km long and 12 km wide. Dukhan Fields approximately covers 767 km2 and comprises oil and gas facilities along with supporting services and infrastructure.

The project included three main stages:

  • Conceptual Design: producing Site Survey Report containing all information gathered.
  • Preliminary Design: drafting the 10-year Master Plan of Dukhan Fields Roads Development and Roads Maintenance Management Plan.
  • Detailed Design: developing a final copy of the 10-year Master Plan of Dukhan Road Networks and Roads Maintenance Management Plan.


  • Cost estimation
  • Data collection
  • Development of emergency maintenance plan
  • Development of Inspection Plan
  • Development of road condition classifications scheme
  • Development of road risk assessment procedure
  • Drainage maintenance
  • Illumination maintenance
  • New QP facility routes & lighting; optimizing existing 317 km-roads, roundabout design & signs & existing road lighting.
  • Recommendation of equipment/ tools and software programs for sustainable road maintenance activities
  • Reviewing storm water drainage of existing roads
  • Road surface and roadside maintenance activities
  • Structure maintenance activities
  • Traffic maintenance activities
  • Traffic surveys


Qatar Petroleum






project sheet

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