ECG Participates in Cairo ICT 2015

Between 13 and 16 December 2015, the International Telecom, Information Technology & Media Trade Fair & Forum “Cairo ICT 2015” was held at Cairo International Conference Center. The event took place in a festive atmosphere, where almost all giants of the ICT industry gathered to display products and services to a large array of visitors from the Arab region and Africa.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi inaugurated the event under the slogan “Go SMART.” He stated that Egypt is undergoing major changes on different levels, starting from mega projects like the “Suez Canal Development Project” to the overhaul of the entire country’s infrastructure, and up to taking decisive steps to rebuild the economy.

The forum aims at reshaping governments to smart ones, changing the way business is done, and building new communities that are intelligent and smart. On the second day of the event, the focus was on the role of smart communities in Egypt. ECG was a key participant in the proceedings of that day. ECG was also actively present at the fair through a number of its top executives, including ECG Business Development Division Head Moheb Marcos.