WATA Panel Discussion by World of Technal

ECG Engineering Consultants Group has participated in the World of Technal event; discussing Egypt’s Sustainability Roadmap.

This year, Egypt we will host the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm Al­Shiekh and all Egyptian Ministries are working towards implementing Sustainable Development Goals.

As ECG is leading market transformation in the material of sustainable products our Sustainability Consultant, Hoda Ibrahim speech was about the Environmental Product Declaration and its impact on construction sector and Egypt’s contribution to the Climate Action Plan 2050. This adds to discussing Circular Economy, Net Zero Concept, and the reduction of CO2 emissions in buildings and industrial facilities.

ECG has worked on LEED V4/V4.1 projects and has a database covering all LEED V4/V4.1 material credits, which require specific certificates like EPD, HPD, C2C, REACH, Declare and more.

ECG has a record for environment-friendly products of local and international manufacturers in the MENA region and Africa. That is performed to easily manage and retrieve a wide variety of manufacturers’ references.


Apr 11, 2022