UTW Alumni Partake in Rescuing Mamluk Minbars of Cairo

ECG Vice President & University to Work Founder Dr. Nevine Abdelkhalek said that in reference to the UTW partnership with Rescuing the Mamluk Minbars of Cairo project; UTW has launched the recruitment process to hire 20 UTW alumni from rounds 5-9, majoring in architecture, fine arts, and interior design.


The 20 UTW alumni will join a training program that focuses on Islamic geometry and its relationship with architecture and design, and the conservation and rescue of Cairene Mamluk minibars (stepped pulpits). Photos from UTW archive show the launch of Rescuing the Mamlouk Minbars of Cairo project held at Beit el-Razzaz, El-Darb el-Ahmar, in Cairo on April 4, 2018, in the presence of representatives from the British Council, project leader Dr. Omneya Abdel Bar, as well as the Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation.


Jul 31, 2018