Transmission Pipelines Associated with QEZ Desalination Plant GTC/606/2013, Doha – Qatar

The aim of the project is construction and laying of necessary transmission pipelines for conveying water from the new QEZ Desalination Plant up to the identified interconnection points of Kahramaa central distribution/ RPS system. 

The project entails the design of new 2 x 1600mm parallel pipelines with an approximate total length of 69.50 km; 35 meters (1400mm) and 1.15 km (1200mm) distillate transmission pipelines including branch connections from the new QEZ Desalination Plant (two tie-in points) up to interconnection points. Furthermore, the project includes the design of fiber optic cables parallel to all new 1600, 1400, 1200 and 900mm distillate mains from QEZ Desalination Plant. 

ECG’s scope covers hydraulic study & surge analysis , preliminary design and detailed design.


Apr 13, 2017