Tannery Residue Treatment Plant

Project Description

Funded by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the Islamic Development Bank, Saudi Arabia, the project aimed at the construction of an industrial wastewater treatment plant of total production capacity 11,000 m3 / day for treating residue of tanning industry. ECG designs secured compliance with Syrian environmental laws and adopted a recycling strategy for the recovery and re-use of chrome in the industrial tanning process.

ECG was engaged in adjusting the plant process designs, performing a topographic survey & geotechnical investigation, studying the impact on the design parameters, studying the increase of the designed hydro quality of water, preparing detailed design and tender documents, assisting Damascus Governorate during evaluation of construction bids as well as during the construction supervision.


  • Civil Works


  • Construction supervision
  • Studies
  • Tender Action


Ministry of Local Administration and Environment, Syria






project sheet

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