Same-Mwanga-Korogwe Water Supply Project

Project Description

  • Review of the detailed design, tender documents and cost estimates for Phase 1 covering 7 villages in Mwanga and 2 villages in Same.
  • Review of all data used for detailed design of the project, i.e. topographical survey data; fi eld survey and market survey data used for the cost estimates.
  • Review all project drawings; technical specifications for facility constructions and installation and procurement plan of materials and equipment; tender documents and bill of quantities.
  • Review structural designs of thrust blocks and valve chambers, assign strength of masonry, concrete, timberworks as well as other building materials and bar bending schedules.
  • Review hydraulic computations of the systems.
  • Review the sizing of reservoirs.
  • Present results of the review as a new Detailed Design Report.
  • Construction supervision of (Phase 1) activities, comprising the construction of infrastructures and distribution systems for 7 villages in Mwanga and 2 villages in Same.
  • Confirm water resource availability and reliability at Nyumba ya Mungu Intake.

ECG Engineering Consultants Group in association with Howard Humphreys (HH) Consulting Engineers were contracted by the Tanzania Ministry of Water (MoW) to undertake the professional engineering consultancy services for Same-Mwanga-Korogwe water supply project
(Phase 1). The project comprised total network length of 130 KM with Transmission Mains of 250 ,350 ,800 and 200 mm; two pump stations (69,000 m3 /day each) and one water treatment Plant (69,000 m3/ day).
The objective of the project is to provide the means to solve the water supply problem in semi-arid low lands located in the Western part of Pare Mountains stretching through the districts of Same, Mwanga and Korogwe. The project’s area covers 37 villages and two small towns with a total population of 126,422.
Due to the large scope of the project and its cost, it was decided to implement the project in two phases. Phase 1 covers the construction of intake, treatment, raw water pumping station, clear water pumping station, storage tank at Kisangara, gravity main and service reservoirs to the 9 villages of Ruvu Mferejini Ruvu, Jiungeni, Handeni, Lang’ata Bora, Lang’ata Kagongo, Nyabinda, Kiti Cha Mungu Njia, Panda and Kirya. Phase 2 will cover the construction of water pumping station at Kisangara, storage tank at Kiverenge, gravity main, and service reservoirs to the rest 28 villages and 2 small towns.


  • Civil Works


  • Construction documents
  • Construction supervision
  • Detailed design


Tanzania Ministry of Water & Irrigation




project sheet

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