KIMA Ammonia and Urea Fertilizers Plant

Project Description

Tecnimont S.p.A., main subsidiary of Maire Tecnimont Group, has been awarded an engineering procurementconstruction- commissioning (EPCC) contract on a lumpsum turnkey basis for the realization of a new fertilizers complex within the existing industrial area in the Aswan governorate (Upper Egypt). The owner is Egyptian Chemical & Fertilizers Industries – KIMA; an Egypt-based company that operates in the chemical sector.
The new fertilizers complex will be composed of:
• One ammonia production unit of 1,200 tons/day capacity, implementing the KBR “Purifier” technology;
• One urea melt & granulation production unit of 1,575 tons/day capacity implementing the “Granulated Urea” technology of Stamicarbon;and
• All the necessary utilities & off-site facilities to support the process units.
The completion is expected by the end of 2017 and production is expected to start by early 2018 with a total investment of about USD 550 million.


  • Architectural
  • Structural


  • Endorse and countersign the complete set of civil documentation
  • Undertake the responsibility of the design before local authority


Tecnimont S.p.A






project sheet

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