Improving the Operational Efficiency of Al-Mukallah Water Supply System

Project Description

  • Update the existing water distribution system drawings. Implement a leak detection program.
  • Develop a computerized mathematical model for simulating network flows and perform pipe network analysis.
  • Train NWSA personnel on the use of leak detection equipment and computer software (pipe network analysis, CADD, Lotus, WordPerfect and database).
  • Review all existing documentation related to land-use, population, weather conditions, etc.
  • Prepare the Master Plan for Al-Mukalla Water Supply System and recommend the required network rehabilitation and reinforcement implementation program.

The project main objective was to improve the operational effeciency and effectivness of Al-Mukallah water supply system to provide adequate water at minimum cost to all potential consumers. A secondary objective was
to prepare a feasibility study and a master plan for the replacement and/or strengthening of the existing distribution system.


  • Civil Works


  • Field survey
  • Network Analysis for Rehabilitation and Training
  • Tender documents


National Water and Sanitation Authority (NWSA)






project sheet

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