ElSewedy Industrial Complex at Al-Ain Al-Sokhna Industrial Zone

Project Description

The “National Suez Canal Corridor Development Project” covers the development of a network of regional roads linking future development areas within the Suez Canal Corridor. One of such development areas is Al-Ain Al-Sokhna Industrial Zone (Egyptian-Chinese Industrial Zone) located to the northwest of the Gulf of Suez. The industrial zone is bounded by Suez-Hurghada Road to the east and by Cairo-Sokhna Road to the south.

This project covers a design assessment report for the existing infrastructure networks of ElSewedy Industrial Complex, which stretches over a total area of 1,651,303 m2 within Al-Ain Al-Sokhna Industrial Zone.

The infrastructure networks included within the complex are as follows:

  • Road Network: total length of 8,000 meters
  • Water Supply Network: uPVC pipelines (150 mm to 400 mm in diameter) with a total length of about 9,300 meters
  • Sewage Network: vitrified clay pipes (200 mm to 700 mm in diameter) with a total length of about 6,300 meters
  • Primary Telecommunications Network: civil works for 13 manholes
  • Secondary Telecommunications Network: civil works for 19 handholes
  • Medium-Voltage Distribution System: 22 kV substation with a rated capacity of 20 MVA


  • Electrical
  • Infrastructure
  • Roads
  • Urban design


  • Design review


Red Sea Copper Egypt






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