ECG Premises in Smart Village (F16)

Project Description

In November 2014, ECG Engineering Consultants Group acquired and rehabilitated an additional building (F16)  to its premises in Smart Village. The building, designed to suit office space requirements, accommodates open spaces divided into individual offices and workstations.

With artificial stone plaster and high-tech glazing, the glass-fronted facade features a unique, vivid contrast allowing for natural lighting and providing a work environment convenient for innovation.

With a total built-up area of 6,168 m2  , the new building comprises the following components:

  • 2-floor basement: parking area and utilities;
  • Ground floor: reception area, elevator lobby, office space divided into workstations, administrative offices, prayer rooms and services; and
  • 3 upper floors: elevator lobby, office space divided into workstations, administrative rooms, meeting rooms, prayer rooms and services.

Due to the expansion of business, ECG is set to relocate a significant portion of its work force to the additional building, which accommodates about 450 employees.

The two-phase relocation process had its first phase completed in November 2014. The second phase is scheduled during 2015.


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project sheet

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