Alexandria Wastewater Program (Phase II)

Project Description

Scope of Work

ECG scope, with others, included providing construction management services for Alexandria Wastewater Program (Phase II). This included the administration of Host Country Construction Contracts awarded for the construction of wastewater treatment facilities, pumping stations and support facilities. The intent was to award Design/Build Contracts for the subject facilities in accordance with the USAID regulations for Two-Stage Bidding procedure.

The construction management services comprised the following tasks:

  • Review of environmental assessments.
  • Review of soil investigation.
  • Surveying sites for facilities and/or pipeline routes.
  • Prequalification of Design/Build contractors.
  • Review of Bases of Design Reports for the subject facilities. Review of criteria for a comprehensive Quality Control Program for Design/ Build contracts.
  • Review of the necessary Invitations for Tenders (IFT).
  • Review of cost estimates.
  • Evaluation of technical and commercial tenders.
  • Monitoring of all construction activities.
  • Staff Training on maintenance of facilities.
  • Provision of claims handling and arbitration assistance as required.
  • Providing the primary survey control for the Construction Contractor.
  • Providing related complementary support activities to the Alexandria General Organization for Sanitary Drainage (AGOSD) in the following categories: administration, engineering, design, inspection, maintenance and procurement.
  • Overall direction and management of the project.

This program aimed at expanding the treatment capacities of Alexandria’s East and West Wastewater Treatment Plants, increasing the capacities of six pumping stations, and constructing support facilities. The program was funded in part by a grant from the United States Agency for International Development USAID.

The improvements included:

  • Expansion of the treatment capacity and other improvements to the six major pump stations, namely: Ras ElSoda, Maamoura, Sporting, Smouha, Sidi Bishr and East Zone.
  • Expansion of the east primary treatment plant from a capacity of 410,000 m3 / day to 607,000 m3 / day, and expansion of the west primary treatment plant from a capacity of 186,000 m3 / day to 460,000 m3 / day.
  • Expansion of the sludge dewatering and disposal facilities to accept the sludge from the expanded treatment plants, and facilities at the mechanical dewatering facilities to improve odor control.
  • Provision of additional support facilities, including a training/service center, workshops, a garage, storage areas, and other ancillary buildings and equipment.


  • Civil Works


  • Basis of Design Report (BODR)
  • Construction management
  • Cost estimation
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Site Survey
  • Soil investigation
  • Survey works
  • Tender documents review


Metcalf & Eddy International Inc., USA






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