AI Fujairah Wastewater System

Project Description

To serve the city of Fujairah and its environs, a wastewater collection and treatment system was developed.

The wastewater collection network comprised 120 km of sewer pipes, 16 pumping stations, and 11 km of wastewater transmission mains. Meanwhile, 4.6 km of effluent transmission mains joined the wastewater
treatment plant to the Mirbah Dam.

The implementation program was divided into two phases. Phase one involved the completion of the western and central parts of the wastewater collection network, pumping station no. 1, the wastewater pressure main (connecting pump station no.1 to the wastewater treatment plant), the effluent pressure main running to the Mirbah Dam, and the outlet structure at the Mirbah Dam.

In phase two, the remaining coastal strip connections of the wastewater collection network were conducted.


  • Civil Works


  • Concept design review
  • Detailed design
  • Shop drawings


Bilfinger Berger AG (BB), Germany




project sheet

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