Lusail Marina, Qatar

Nakheel Landscapes has awarded ECG a contract for the design review of Construction Package CP10 B1 at Lusail Marina in Qatar. The package covers the construction of Marina District Waterfront Promenades, including the North promenade, Marina Promenade West & East Wings, Eastern Promenade, and Southern Gardens (also known as the Southern Promenade).

The Lusail Marina project as a whole covers the design and implementation of structures, landscape, and infrastructure utilities to serve the development of the marinas and promenades, and to connect the services and utilities at these locations with the main existing/designed networks. The project also includes the provision of utilities to adjacent projects, such as the Emiri Yacht Facility, Yacht Club, and two restaurants. It further covers the upgrade of existing infrastructure for the proper operation and maintenance of the facilities.

ECG’s scope covers serving as a third-party design reviewer (Architect of Record).


Apr 13, 2017