Inauguration of UTW Round 7

On 8 August, the activities and proceedings of Round 7 of the University to Work (UTW) initiative were inaugurated by ECG VP & UTW Project Manager Dr. Nevine AbdelKhalek at the Cairo-based Engineering Authority Guest House. Egyptian Minister of Urban Development & Slums Dr. Laila Iskandar and Governor of Rotary District 2451 Adel Hafez were present at the inauguration ceremony. A total of 340 engineering students from Egyptian public and private universities will be attending this round.

In her speech, Dr. Iskandar shed light on the National Project for the Urban Development of Slums, and explained the role that young engineers can play in the sustainable urban development of slums. Dr. Iskandar also discussed the concepts of “Popular Engineering” and “Untraditional Urban Planning,” which address the real-world needs of the inhabitants of slums. In this respect, she also emphasized the importance of social dialogue.

Later on, in a Q&A with Dr. Iskandar, she answered questions from students on the ministry’s strategic plan for urban development in slums.

During the opening session of UTW Round 7, top-ranking students from various universities and the distinguished team of the Modern Academy for Engineering & Technology were honored. Following the opening session, Mohab Mohie and Ahmed Adel Khafagi of ECG’s Healthcare Facilities Department delivered technical training to the UTW Healthcare Facilities Group.



May 28, 2017