Environmental And Social Impact Assessment Of Elshabab & Damietta Power Stations

East Delta Electricity Production Company (EDEPC) awarded ECG the contract to provide environmental and social impact assessment for two Power plants in Egypt. The project aims to modify gas power stations into combined cycle stations.

ElShabab Power Plant’s capacity in Ismailia will be increased from (8*125 = 1000MW) to 1500 MW by adding 2 steam turbines. West Damietta Power Plant’s capacity will be increased from (4*125 = 600MW) to 750MW by adding one steam turbine.

The study aimed to examine the social, cultural, economic, physical and biological impacts on areas affected by the project, to propose the mitigation measures of negative implications as well as to develop an environmental management plan and provide environmental monitoring for the power plants during construction and operation.


Apr 12, 2017