ECG Sponsors the 2017 Edition of “Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference (ICEC)”

On the 23rd and 24th of October 2017, ECG was Elite Sponsor of the 3rd Annual Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference: Delivering Sustainable Intelligent Cities for the Future Generations. 

The event was held at Hotel Fairmont Heliopolis in Cairo, Egypt, under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development; Ministry of Electricity & Renewable Energy; and Ministry of Environment, in the presence of a large number of speakers, participants, and business persons from well-known firms, all looking forward to the future of Egypt’s construction industry.

The conference aimed to discuss various topics relating to intelligent cities, including smart infrastructure, integrated security systems, energy-efficient buildings, sustainable industrial zones, and advanced transportation, parking, and traffic management systems.

Besides its strong presence throughout the conference sessions and proceedings, ECG also maintained around-the-clock participation at the exhibition through an ECG booth with representatives available to answer the queries of attendees.

ECG’s body of delegates was led by ECG Chairman Amr Allouba, Business Development Division Deputy Director Antoine Gowigati, and Communications & Security Systems Department Manager Ahmed Sorour. In a presentation titled “Intelligent Cities Integration Portfolio'', Mr. Sorour shed light on a number of important topics relating to the development of intelligent systems as CSI Development- Integration, System Integrator–Business Model, Smart City Building Blocks, Smart Lighting Poles, Smart Parking, Smart City Layers, Smart Waste Management, Smart Irrigation and Data Analysis and Reporting.


Oct 31, 2017