ECG Sponsors the 2015 Edition of “Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference”

ECG was an elite sponsor of the “Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference: Delivering Sustainable Intelligent Cities for the Future Generations” held on the 29th and 30th of September 2015 at Fairmont Heliopolis Hotel, Cairo, Egypt. The event was organized by Root Technologies with support from the Egyptian Ministry of Communications & Information Technology. In the presence of the deputy minister of communications & information technology, the event brought together 25+ distinguished speakers, 600+ senior-level decision makers, and 2,000+ participants, including businessmen from well-known firms, all looking forward to the future.

The aim of the exhibition and conference was to discuss various topics, including telecom, mobility, green technology, security systems, data centers, access control, wiring devices, environmental analysis, home automation, irrigation systems, renewable energies, digital signage, parking systems, meteorological technologies, unified communications, residential & enterprise cabling, water & wastewater treatment, facilities management systems, high-speed communication, BMS, electrical distribution, surveillance, and green building materials. Other topics included the possibilities of capitalizing on the experience of other countries in these fields; the obstacles faced by private-sector firms attempting to invest in energy projects; and the future of technology parks in Egypt.

A number of ECG representatives, including ECG Board members, had a strong presence at the event, led by ECG Chairman Amr Allouba; President & CEO Mohamed Abdel Moneim; VP & Chief Strategy & Corporate Development Officer Ahmed Singer; VP for Business Development Moheb Marcos; and Communications & Security Systems Department Manager Ahmed Sorour, along with a number of ECG engineers and staf.

In a presentation titled “Technology Parks in Egypt: Challenges & Opportunities,” Mr. Marcos explained the nature of technology parks, referring to a number of successful examples. He also underlined some business and economic facts about the status quo in Egypt. Mr. Sorour then elaborated on the concept of technology parks, their modern looks, and their integration and systems.


May 28, 2017