ECG Organizes “Egypt Projects Summit: Building Future Egypt”

On 18 and 19 February 2016, ECG Engineering Consultants Group, in collaboration with the Arabian German for Exhibitions & Publishing, organized “Egypt Projects Summit: Building Future Egypt” at Cairo International Convention Center.

The summit, chaired by ECG Vice President Dr. Nevine AbdelKhalek, was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade & Industry, in the presence of Advisor to President for National & Strategic Projects Ibrahim Mehleb, Arab Contractors Federation President Fahd Ben Mohamed Al-Hammady, and Deputy Minister of Housing, Utilities & Urban Communities Dr. Ahmed Darwish, along with 120 investors from 15 Arab countries. ECG had a top-level delegation that included ECG Chairman Amr Allouba, President & CEO Mohamed Abdel Moneim, Senior Vice President Emad Kadry, Chief Strategy & Corporate Development Officer Ahmed Singer, Projects Management Division Head Amr ElGayar, and Business Development Division Head Moheb Marcos.

The summit agenda focused on the future of investment in Egypt, with emphasis on integrated construction, which takes into account the requirements of various stakeholders. Discussions also addressed the prospect of adopting a new approach to engineering design in such a way that renders buildings accessible to all, with special care for the needs of physically challenged individuals.

Other topics included green buildings and façade engineering, with examples of ECG projects implemented in compliance with green building codes using sustainable building materials.

In his opening speech, Mr. Allouba pointed out that ECG had been enthusiastic about organizing the summit as the topics under discussion closely agree with ECG’s vision, mission, and values.

On his part, Mr. Al-Hammady announced that the Arab Contractors Federation is currently studying the establishment of an Arab engineering design firm specialized in consulting services. He added that the federation aims at encouraging cooperation among Arab firms on the transfer of expertise and collective funding of mega projects in the Arab World.

In his speech, Dr. Darwish stressed that slums and informal settlements represent a great opportunity for real estate developers, consulting firms, and contractors, with the aim of converting these areas into sophisticated residential compounds according to modern-day standards.

A session chaired by Egyptian Businessmen’s Association (EBA) Executive Director Mohammad Youssef discussed the challenges facing modern construction and ways to bridge the gaps between contractors, consultants, and owners. Another session was chaired by EBA Construction Committee Chairman Fathallah Fawzy to address the prospects of real estate development in Egypt.

In an announcement about ECG’s future plans aimed at promoting the construction industry in Egypt, Dr. AbdelKhalek revealed that ECG will co-organize three other major conferences in the next few months.