ECG in the Ethio-Egyptian Business Forum, Addis Ababa

Ethio-Egyptian Business Forum was held with the aim of exploring areas of business cooperation between Ethiopia and Egypt. The event took place on Sunday November 2nd, 2014 at Sheraton Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

The forum addressed exploring the Ethiopian market in the fields of agriculture, education, real estate, telecom and construction; focusing to increase the Egyptian market share in Ethiopia. The five-year strategic plan of Ethiopia was also presented during the forum, highlighting the construction of a major 1000-Km railway and the expansion of textile and leather production industry.

The forum topics were presented by many speakers including Chairperson of the Ethiopian Business Council, Mr. Solomon Afewerk; Chairperson of the Egyptian Business Council, Mr. Ayman Eissa; the Egyptian Minister of Industry, Trade and Small Industries, Mr. Munir Fakhry Abdelnour; as well as the Ethiopian Minister of Trade, Mr. Kebede Chane who emphasized the importance of promoting the Ethiopian products in the Egyptian market.

The event was attended by officials from both countries including the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sami Shoukri; the Ethiopian Minister of State for Industry, Mr. Taddesse Haile; and the General Director of Ethiopia’s Investment Agency, Mr. Fitsum Arega. Also, the ambassadors from Ethiopia and Egypt attended the forum.


May 28, 2017