Detailed Design for Pumps Stations and VRU Unites-Egypt

PETROSAFE awarded ECG the contract to provide engineering consultancy services of the fire alarm and firefighting systems for Pumps Stations and VRU Units to Nasr Petroleum Company, Suez, Egypt.

The project aims to protect the following pumps of Nasr Petroleum Company: crude distillation unit no.2,3; vapor recovery unit no.2 and gas compressors; crude distillation unit no.1 (Sec A); crude distillation unit no.1 (Sec B); vapor recovery unit no.1 pumps and gas compressors; naphtha re-distillation unit; Bitumen Plant no. 1,2,4; and naphtha treatment unit no.4,5.

ECG scope covers bases of design report, detailed design and tender documents.


Apr 13, 2017