Renovation of Attaba Egypt Post Office

Project Description

The Post Authority building in Attaba is considered one of the most important archaeological buildings in Greater Cairo. It is where lies the Zero Pinpoint used to measure distances between Cairo and the rest of the governorates in Egypt. The project is the complete development and of the building of the General Office of the National Post Authority in Attaba, and increasing its competence. The Building’s built-up area is 14,700 square meters, and consists of a ground floor, mezzanine, first floor, second floor, and the roof of the building. The development is divided into two phases:

The Phase I:

A challenge to restore the building to its archaeological origin; along with renovation and development by:

  • Expansion of the Postal Museum located in the building on the first floor.
  • Reviving the main archaeological entrance to the building, while preserving the ancient heritage of the museum and building.
  • Adding a conference room.
  • Installation of air conditioning systems for museum spaces.
  • Installation of fire alarm systems and placement of fire extinguishers in all areas.

Phase II:

  • Renewal, development, and upgrading of the building’s efficiency.
  • Ventilation of all building areas.
  • Installation of HVAC systems.
  • Securing the building with a fire alarm system and a firefighting system, along with the needed electrical upgrading works needed to raise the efficiency of the building’s electrical panels to comply with the new loads resulting from the development scheme.


  • Communications and security systems
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical


  • Construction supervision
  • Detailed design


Post for Investment (PFI)






project sheet

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