Exxon-Mobil Lube Oil Plant Design and Extension Plans

Project Description

Exxon Mobil Egypt (formerly ESSO) planned to implement a series of projects over a period of 5 years comprising:

ESSO Lube Oil Blending Plant, 10th of Ramadan City:
The lube oil blending plant produces 65,000 tons per annum for automotive, industrial and marine oils of different categories.

ECG’s scope covered basic design, preliminary design,
tender documents and cost estimates for process, electro-mechanical systems and civil/structural works.

Extension of 10th of Ramadan Lube Oil Blending Plant:
Exxon-Mobil aimed to extend the production capabilities of the plant to suit the new Exxon-Mobile market strategy. Extension comprised two additional unloading points for Mobil-branded finished products, four tanks (190 tons capacity each), three pumps in the external exchange area, two piggable transfer lines to internal exchange area, and expansion of the filling hall and the warehouse.

ECG’s scope covered basic design, detailed design, specifications and tender documents including architectural, structural, roads, mechanical, tanks, piping, process, instrumentation, electrical and CCTV systems.

El Max Terminal Extension, Alexandria:
The project aimed to increase the capacity of El Max Terminal. The extension included the addition of two typical tanks of 1000-ton storage capacity each and 2-4 loading pumps and loading arms.

ECG’s scope covered design and detailed design comprising calculation sheets, drawings, diagrams; specifications; bill of quantities; cost estimate and preparation of tender documents including structural, tanks, piping, process and electrical designs.

Mostord Warehouse, Cairo:
The project aimed at demolishing old oil blending facilities and constructing a new warehouse for lubes on an area of 3,500 m2.

ECG’s scope covered detailed design, specifications, cost estimate and preparation of tender documents encompassing architectural, civil/structural, electrical and mechanical (including water supply, drainage and fire protection).






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