ECG/ UTW effectively participated in Workshop for Architects on Mamluk Geometric Design

ECG Vice President and UTW Founder Dr. Nevine Abdelkhalek stated that during the period 19-21 December 2018, five Architects from ECG and eight UTW Graduate Architects (totaling 13 Architects) effectively participated in a Workshop for Architects on Mamluk Geometric Design which was organized by The Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation (EHRF) in collaboration with the Egyptian European Organization for Training and Development (EEOTD), and the University to Work Program for UTW Alumni.

The workshop presented some of the most exciting patterns found on Mamluk pulpits (Minbars) in Cairo and it helped Architects to understand how the Mamlouk Minbars are constructed and how these complex patterns are designed and drawn.

In addition, architects from ECG and UTW were given a brief introduction on Mamluk architecture and a highlight on bad geometrical practices applied in contemporary architectural and interior designs. The workshop was supported with four working sessions that provided architects with firsthand experience on the complexity of drawing Mamluk patterns.  Architects also went on two site visits to see six Mamlouk Minbars of extremely high qualities in design and quality.

This workshop was part of the on-going project “Rescuing the Mamluk Minbars of Cairo” which is implemented by EHRF in collaboration with the Ministry of Antiquities. The British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund in partnership with the Department of Culture Media and Sports (UK) funds it.


Jan 31, 2019