ECG Breaks New Ground in the ENR Global Sourcebook 2017

The Engineering News-Record (ENR), a globally circulated magazine with profoundly respected ratings and analyses, has recently published its Global Sourcebook. The sourcebook is based on the 2016 revenues generated by the world’s Top International Design Firms from projects implemented outside the country of origin of a given firm.

According to the sourcebook, ECG ranks 102nd on the list of “Top 225 International Design Firms.” It also ranks prestigiously within the subcategories of Top International Design Firms as follows:

  • Ranking 15: Hotels, Motels & Convention Centers
  • Ranking 16: Multi-Unit Residential
  • Ranking 16: Commercial Offices & Banks
  • Ranking 19: Education
  • Ranking 19: Chemicals (Non-Petroleum)
  • Ranking 21: Transmission Lines & Aqueducts
  • Ranking 25: Healthcare
  • Ranking 39: General Buildings


Dec 18, 2017