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Port Said, Egypt

Port Said Waterworks & Wastewater Facilities

Plan Duration 23 Years
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The project is to develop a Master Plan to establish a program for the phaseddevelopment of the PortSaid Waterworks, Wastewater and Storm Water disposal facilities from 1977 through the year 2000. The Master Plan will provide for the domestic, industrial and irrigation water supply needs of the served areas as well as the wastewater facilities needs up to the year 2000. The study also provides for the development of high priority projects to be implemented immediately as remedial measures to improve the present conditions in areas not adequately served by the existing systems. Energy conservation has been considered from the very beginning. The Energy losses has been limited to the minimum by insulating building facades, glazing, walls, roofs and floors. Solar gains have been managed taking into account sun trajectory in winter and summer, building orientation and shading.


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