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Buraidah Water Network

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Directorate of Water at the Ministry of Water and Electricity in Al-Qassim Province assigned the Engineering & Technical Services Bureau to conduct a study with a view to develop and upgrade the water networks of Buraidah City with to meet the demand of both current areas and future expansions until theyear 1475 A.H. corresponding to the year 2054 A.D. 

Serving an approximate population of 1.26 million persons, the project comprise total network length of 863,437 m (Distribution networks 574,640 m and transmission mains 288,797 m) with pipes diameters of 150 mm to 300 mm for the distribution networks and 400 mm to 1,200 mm for the transmission mains, two pump stations (King Fisal 2,000 m3/day and Al Hadya 43,500 m3/day) and four Water Treatment Plants (Al-Muataa 160,000 m3/day, Al-Shamal 100,000 m3/day, Al-Shaqa 100,000 m3 /day and Al-Tawasouaat 80,000 m3/day)

Engineering & Technical Services Bureau (ETSB) entrusted ECG Engineering Consultants Group with reviewing the "Buraidah Water Networks" study developed by ETSB.


Hydraulic analysis for water networks including the following:

Reviewing and verifying the project data .
Comparing the drawings of ground levels of the city water network with the hydraulic analysis.
Reviewing population distribution on the consumption points at the hydraulic analysis.
Verifying hydraulic analysis and checking used consumption rate so that review shall include the 3     phases of the project:

    Phase (1): until the year 1440 A.H/2019 A.D.
    Phase (2): until the year 1440 A.H./2019 A.D. - 1455 A.H./2034 A.D.
    Phase (3): until the year 1455 A.H./2034 A.D. - 1475 A.H./2075 A.D.

The report shall include the outputs of the review works along with identifying the differences in the    input data of the study elements.
Making the required amendments of the project data including the amendments of the report,           drawings, hydraulic analysis.

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