Aqaba Oil Terminal, Jordan

The oil terminal, owned by the Aqaba Ports Corporation, was constructed in 1986 to accommodate

oil supertankers of the class Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC). This project covers the rehabilitation

of the oil terminal. The project site comprises the following areas:

• 13-bay loading area with a capacity of 26 road tankers for crude oil and heavy fuel oil

• oil berth and jetty area

• walkways between mooring and berthing dolphins with quick-release hooks

The project comprises the following components:

• rehabilitation of the oil tanker loading/unloading area to include new metering skids, crude oil and heavy oil piping, and a steel shed, together

with lighting, power supply, firefighting, fire alarm, and gas detection systems

• oily water drainage and separation system

• emergency shutdown system for crude oil and heavy fuel oil systems

• communications and security and systems for the terminal (CCTV, access control, and IP phone)

ECG’s scope of work covers technology assessment, Bases of Design Report, and detailed design.

by DMICreative

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