Emaar (Emaar Economic City “EEC”)


Rabigh, Close to Jeddah,KSA

AlMurooj Communities

Land area 525 hectares
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Within King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) lies the new communities of AlMurooj over an area of approximately 525 hectares. The development comprises fifteen residential communities, a sports complex and a town center. Among these communities:
• Beach Community 1 (BC1): an upscale beach residential community that includes 108 Villas, extending over an area of approximately 32 hectares. BC1 is connected to other communities of AlMurooj through a 350-meter long pier stretching across the sea with recessed pools built along the
• Beach Community 2 (BC2): an upscale beach residential community that includes 392 Villa plots, extending over an area of approximately 68 hectares.
• Beach Community 3 (BC3): an upscale beach residential community that includes 220 Villa plots, extending over an area of approximately 280,381 m2.
• Golf Community 1C (GC1c): a residential golf resort community that includes 108 villas, extending over an area of 14 hectares.
• Pradera Golf Community (GC-1B/GC2): covers an area of 196,215 m2 accommodating 147 villas.
• Golf Community 3 (GC3): covers an area of 262,694 m2 accommodating 238 villas.
• Golf Community 4 (GC4): covers an area of 244,570 m2 accommodating 226 single-family villas.
• Golf Communities (GC6 & GC7): GC6 covers an area of 200,362 m2 accommodating 168 single-family villas, while GC7 covers an area of 203,013m2 accommodating 175 single-family villas.
• Town Houses Community 1 & 4 (TH1 & TH4): two adjacent townhouse communities that include 523 units, extending over a total land area of approximately 34 hectares.

The project also encompasses the infrastructure works (irrigation, drainage, mechanical systems and overall lighting) as well as the construction management and supervision for an 18-hole golf course and lakes existing in between. The golf course is centralized amongst the golf communities GC1,
GC2 (Pradera), GC3, GC4 and GC5 on a total area of approximately
677,000 m2.

Furthermore,the scope covers evaluation of the existing utilities, a network of primary roads (over 9 km long) in addition to primary infrastructure with all related tanks and pump stations serving the town center and AlMurooj communities.


Master plan assessment
Detailed design
Design review
Value engineering
Tender documents
Cost estimation
Construction management
Construction supervision

Types of activities

Civil works
Communication & security systems

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