National Water and Sanitation Authority (NWSA), Aden


Al-Mukalla, Yemen

Al-Mukallah Water Supply System (First Stage)

PROJECT GOAL Provide adequate water at minimum cost
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The objective of the project is to increase water production to meet the actual demand required for Al-Mukalla. Water is conveyed to Al-Mukalla from the existing Wadi Buwaysh wells producing 40 1/sec and the new An Nagaah wellfield which adds 138 1/sec.

The project comprises the development of a new wellfield at An Nagaah by the drilling of twelve boreholes equipped with wellscreens and borehole electrosubmersible pumps. Water is conveyed through a 400 mm pipeline to a 400 m3 collection tank. At Wadi Buwaysh an additional three boreholes are drilled and developed to replace existing wells. Water from the collection tank at An Nagaah is conveyed through a 600 min pipeline to Al-Sedad by means of a new 800 m3 reservoir at Al Huwayrah. From Al-Sedad reservoir a 400 mm pipeline is laid around Al-Mukalla to Bagrain and Al-Omal areas. A booster pump stations are built at Wadi Buwaysh. Moreover, two reservoirs are built at Al-Sedad (1 200 m3) and at Al-Omal (2 000 m3).


Phase 1: Preconstruction Services:

  • Review and approve tender documents for the supply and delivery of water well casings and screens.

  • Review and approve tender documents for drilling and testing of boreholes.

  • Review and approve tender documents for construction of pump stations, reservoirs and pipelines.

  • Contractor prequalification procedures and preparation of prequalification list.

  • Assist NWSA in tender evaluation and award of contracts.

Phase 2: Construction Supervision Services:
Provide complete construction supervision services including: review and approval of contractor furnished designs and drawings; continuous site supervision of construction and electro-mechanical installations, and outside inspection in suppliers factories.

Phase 3: Technical Assistance:
Provide NWSA with technical assistance services during construction of the project, on-the-job and overseas (Egypt) training.

Types of activities

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