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Al Kaaban RPS & Associated Pipelines

RESERVOIR 6 million gallon
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 Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) planned to execute major projects to achieve its goals of providing the customers with high quality water service. Al-Kaaban RPS is one of these major projects.

The project aims to construct a new independent water Reservoir Pumping Station (RPS) in order to deliver water to many remote areas located in the northern region. A hydraulic study is conducted for water supply, storing and distribution system including surge and transient analysis of the complete piping system for Al-Kaaban pump station and reservoir systems.

Al-Kaaban RPS comprises:

1. 6 million gallon reservoir
2. new pump house that accommodates and operates 6 VFD pumps (4 pumps at this stage and 2 future slots)
3. emergency tanker filler station
4. chlorination building
5. system Inlet and outlet pipe works
6. lagoon
7. valve chambers
8. new concrete boundary wall around the new and future reservoirs
9. 6 km rising mains with diameter range between 600-900 mm
10. guard house, 11KV substation building, accommodation building and parking area.

ECG’s scope of work encompasses the instrumentation design of monitoring and control systems that allow the operations of the RPS from a centralized control center in Doha.



• Detailed design


Types of activities

• Architectural
• Civil works
• Communication & security systems
• Infrastructural
• Instrumentation
• Landscaping
• Mechanical
• Roads




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